ChipotleFeedback Customer Satisfaction Survey consists of questions aimed at understanding the customer experience at its stores. Chipotle aims to collect as much information as possible from its customers so that they can make appropriate changes across the company. They made their survey online so that it would be convenient and accessible to all.


When you participate in a ChipotleFeedback survey, you provide the company with important information that will help it improve its services. Whenever you visit their location, you feel delighted, showing that they have accomplished their vision. 

Official Survey or Get Help

If you are unhappy with certain aspects of the store, the survey allows you to voice your concerns, allowing the company to make improvements. You will be entered into a contest, where you could win free burritos for a year if you participate, as the company is thankful for your participation.

ChipotleFeedback Survey Steps

If you want to participate in the ChipotleFeedback survey online, you need to have a receipt that includes the receipt code. To complete the survey, you will need to follow the following steps:


  • Please visit the Chipotle Feedback page at
  • Make a selection from the available languages.
  • Select the Receipt code option and enter the 20 digit code from your receipt to complete the survey.
  • You can then begin giving your survey by clicking “Start.”
  • As soon as you see the survey on your screen, you can begin answering the questions.
  • Chipotle wants to know how satisfied you are with your most recent visit.
  • Describe the service you received, the food you ate, the staff, cleanliness, and the environment in general.
  • Rate and comment on your most recent experience at Chipotle.
  • Describe your recent visit experience by completing a survey.
  • Once you’ve finished, submit your contact information to join Chipotle’s sweepstakes.
  • Participate in the sweepstakes by submitting your opinion. 

In addition to your first and last name, your email address will be used to contact you, so make sure you enter them correctly. 

Upon submitting the survey, you must wait for the promotion period to end. Sponsors conduct a random drawing 10-11 days after the end of the promotional period, selecting one winner from each pool of US and Canadian entrants. 

As a result of the feedback given by their customers, Chipotle makes changes in their service to improve it. Since the company values customer satisfaction, a certain number of people are rewarded for providing honest feedback.

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